It’s been a while…but I’m back

A few years can change your life in a multitude of ways. For me, I’m almost two years into my first proper job, planning to move into a house and even been to therapy over my mental illnesses. There was a point before all that when things got dark and I dropped from all social media completely. I’m not in that dark place anymore and something has made me feel like I should return.

I saw a video about women being open with each other about personal experiences and it made me realise just how much I had experienced that online myself when I was younger. So many people shared time, experiences and friendships together and I feel like I should be returning the favour to the great internet.

So yeah, I want to create a mix of content for females. It’s not about money or being famous, but to give the raw experience only the internet can provide. I’ll most probably be writing something very soon.

P.S. Say hello to my newest family member, Ember.


What you playin’ Phya – Week 1

Gaming is my number one hobby and most defiantly one of the most important things in my life. So every week I’m gonna give you a little look into my gaming site outside of what is covered in my blog and youtube channel.smt-ivIt’s Halloween and there is a barrage of really important games coming in the next 2 months so I’m trying to invest all my time in to playing Shin Megami Tensei VI. Yes you did read that right, the first one not Apocalypse. One reason is because I haven’t completed it yet but also because it isn’t out in Europe till the 5th of December. It took forever for me to start thanks to a year delay compared to the US version and it being digital only, which meant that i needed to upgrade my 3DS memory card to play as it was bigger than the whole cart. Sprinkle SMT’s cruel grinding curve and you have a game that takes forever to finish.

No joke, I put the game on hiatus for at least 6-9 months after hitting a road block I didn’t know how to overcome. When Appocolapse’s localization was announced however and it stopped being a pipe dream, I was all I’m gonna complete that shit and so here we are. So how far in the game am I?  I actually don’t know. I’m in the level 25-30 bracket and franchise normally ends the game at about level 70 so I believe I’m about 1/3 – 1/2 of teh way through. You know you’ve played too many SMT games when you can start predicting your progress based on levels alone. It does feel as plot ball is gonna get rolling and I’m looking forward to it. The first plot ball came at about 10 hours in the game and it made me really happy because it got the setting of the game and flipped it on its head and made me think we’ll this is a bit different from normal.
I’m happy with my demons. My Archangel evolved into Principality and after checking online if I leave as is, he is going to keep evolving until he reaches level 60 so in terms of demon fusing, he’s a cheap date out. Interestingly I learnt something cool about streetpass and btw, DO streetpass SMT when you play. If you connect with someone who has completed the game you get free app points (allows you to purchase everything in the game that stops you and your demons being shit) which is awesome but your demon also gets free bonus stats so when I went on hiatus and came back, one of my demons was a pimped up beefcake xD however you also have a chance of your demon changing form for better or worse.
I put my freshly fused, level 23 amatartsu on my streetpass to get her some sweet buffs and when I got her back, she had fused with another demon and become….a level 3 Angel. You have never seen me hit the power button so fast in my life! I wasn’t excepting that shit and thankfully, it worked. I got my demon back but the street pass hit was gone. So silly Phya sets her to streetpass again to give her some sick stats and she fuses with another demon, again. This time however she fused into a level 31 Sylph! She got came with 2 abilities to make wind moves super powerful and now she absorbs the element too. Only problem is I need to breed her good because she is 5 levels higher than me, is rare as fuck and has two end game abilities in her, it costs double the amount of money I own (after saving for armour btw, that ain’t just left over change).  So yeah, this expensive hoe kinda counter balances my cheap date.
I could have talked about how the plot is going and stuff but nope, I just sat here and talked about demons this whole post. But then again, demons are the most important thing in a shin Megami tense I game. You kinda need them when the main plot tells you to go to an area with no directions, no landmarks of when you get there, through a forest of poison with no places to rest (except one that is guarded by a lvl 70 demon to fuck you up and make you lost) and you run and run into the unknown till you find plot land you pray to God that somehow you are alive.
Welcome to Shin Megamei Tensei, the franchise only masochists play.

The Quarterly Anime Party

free-anime-partyThe beginning of a new anime season is one of my most anticipated times of the year. For some it may be Christmas, Birthdays, Halloween or even the prospect of a Summer getaway to Spain, Italy or Turkey. For me however my happiest times are during E3, Nintendo directs and the beginning of a new anime season. Continue reading